Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spider's Web Baby Blanket

I used Pound of Love yarn and a g hook to make this Spider's Web baby blanket. The pattern can be found here: It is a free pattern.


  1. I just made a big blanket donation and only half the blankets 'worked' for them. Apparently they wanted nothing with holes for the babies fingers to get caught. So frustrating. I made all these blankets I feel for nothing. The hospital you donate to must not mind the holes?

  2. i am sorry your blankets were not suitable to where you donate. I have had not problems with holes in blankets. You will have to find some other place to donate. Rebecca who wrote Call the Midwife baby blanket had this to say about holes in blankets.
    Thank you for the input, Carolyn. My recommendation falls in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics — a baby less than a year old should not be left unattended with any sort of blanket. As with so many baby items, I feel this blanket will be perfectly safe when that guideline is followed, and I think it’s up to each mom to do her research and make an informed decision.

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