Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frank's 50 Newborn Size Loom Knitted Hats

Frank loom knitted 50 newborn size hats for Gods Tiny Angels. They are not all pictured. We are shipping a box out tomorrow with the 5 Christmas blankets and stocking stuffers. Also the 3 newborn size blankets I have done.


  1. Frank is a marvel. These are sooooooo cute. It's been years, I also had forgotten how sweet those little hair brushes are.

    Tell me what size loom/color Frank uses for the newborn size. My great niece has expressed an interest in making something. I bought her a set of looms for Christmas one year; but her mother isn't one who can follow directions, so a few times when we've been together I've tried to get her started. Then she looses the hook. I really thought her mother would sit down with her and follow up. Anyway, though I would do this again. My thought was if she could make something small that she could complete...maybe she'd remember and make headway.


  2. Frank usually uses the large green loom with 36 pegs for his hats. He uses the next smaller loom with 31 pegs for newborn size hats.