Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blue Sleep Bag

I spent 2 days crocheting this blue sleep bag using the twin stitch. I used the Bernat Baby Bouclé yarn for the first time and found it very hard to crochet. It was hard to find where in the stitches to put my hook. I like the end result though. Soft and fuzzy.


  1. Yes, you almost have to crochet by feel with that type of yarns. Homespun is the same way. Love your results though, very nice and soft for a sweet baby love.

  2. Visiting blogspot Bridge and Beyond Team Members today to say Merry Christmas, and to ask everyone to double their efforts with donations, the need is great and growing daily.


    Like you, I don't like working with that yarn, and it's one I don't buy anymore unless I'm going to knit with it. Knits much better. The yarn actually separates and grabs other stitches when trying to crochet it.

    Though I have no problem with crocheting with homespun.