Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peaceful Pastels Baby Afghan

I finished this Peaceful Pastels Baby Afghan tonight. I bought this afghan kit form Mary Maxim and I crocheted 2 strands held together with a K hook. It was fun and fairly easy to do. Some rows I used 2 different colors crocheted together to give it that blended color look.


  1. that is so pretty, would make a great Easter blanket, soft pastels :-)

  2. Been years since I've used Mary Maxims yarn and if I didn't have so much stash I would definitely order some, always nice yarn.

    Have you every been to their shop? Years and years ago my MIL and I went to the one in Port Huron, it's fabulous..

    Beautiful and peaceful is a good name for your blanket.

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  3. I wish they would sell just the pattern! I've been eyeing this pattern for ages but don't want the kit!