Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easter Dresses

I have crocheted 2 more newborn Easter dresses.


  1. I am so loving all your pretties. The dresses are adorable and I hope my son has a girl. That is selfish of me since they really want a boy.

  2. You are really doing a great thing. My husband and I live in South Dakota about 70 miles from the reservation. There are lots of times when we have a really bad snowstorm that they bring the elders and the sick ones into town for them to stay warm. But they can't help them all. I also make blankets and caps so I know how much work you are doing, so from a person that goes through these storms in a nice warm place....I thank you for thinking of others.

  3. Just wanted to tell you that you have received the Sunshine Blog Award. Please stop by my blog and pick up your award. You will find it at:

  4. Karen, I love everything you crochet, you are
    so talented. You are a great designer also.
    I love your New baby bubbles cuddle sack, I can't wait for the pattern to try it. Your dresses are so cute and diaper sets also.
    Have a great day!!
    Joanne S (from GTA)