Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yellow and White Round Ripple Blanket

I finished crocheting this yellow and white round ripple baby blanket yesterday. I am back to crocheting sweaters again.


  1. I love yellow, always thought it such a happy color. Makes me think of Mom too, was her favorite. I truly love this design. I think I've asked you before which pattern do you use? I've got a couple of ripple circles, but wonder which one you use? I was rearranging my stash just yesterday and note I've good amount of yellow, white and off white...perhaps I really should get busy and make one of these.

    Visiting all Bridge Members this am to remind everyone about the blog contest and FREE yarn giveaway. Also sending out a cordial invite to visit my Travel Blog.

    Looking forward to your visits, have a great wkend.

  2. I use a pattern I got from a kit at Mary Maxim. Sorry, not allowed to share it here.