Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Christmas Baby Dresses

Here are 2 Christmas dresses with matching booties.


  1. Now those dresses are seriously cute !!

  2. These patterns are cute. Are they your own design?

  3. The pattern in not mine. The dress pattern can be found here:

    Glad you like them.

  4. Soooooooo sweet.

    Hey Karen thanks for the info on the size loom Frank uses. I kept meaning to ask you. My method with hats that come from donations is try them on, if they fit me, they're generally too small for most adults (I have a silly little pin size head), if they're too big for me they go in the adult pile. I generally put Franks hats in the piles for kids because they fit me...having not loomed (though I have them and keep wanting to try them out), I assumed the next size would be the adult size? Has Frank ever made one with the next size that he could tell me the difference? Might help with all the donations that come in. I sometimes use Bev's chart also when I'm not wanting to try lots of hats on, hat should be 1.5 inches smaller then head circumference which lists as 23-24 for men? With all Frank's expertise can you fill me in. Thanks