Monday, May 20, 2013

Bernat Baby Jacquards yarn.

A few weeks ago I was crocheting a baby blanket with Bernat Baby Jacquards yarn and ran into one skein that I had to stop and cut out bad yarn 19 plus times. I finally threw it away and wrote to the company with a complaint. They then sent me 4 skeins of their yarn. Yeah! It was like opening a Christmas present today. Thank you Bernat Yarns!


  1. I love the way the Baby Jacquard's yarn works up. Always so pretty. I had the same problem with a skein of Caron One Pounder and thought about complaining, but I never did. Sounds like I should have! You will make some really pretty things with this, I'm sure. That's very good customer service from Bernat. I'll remember that.

  2. I have had problems with yarn before and the company is always quick to respond and replace the problem yarn. Kudos to Bernat!