Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donation Day

We delivered 55 baby items to our local hospital today and Frank is donating 50 hats to Planet Fitness who are collecting items for shelters by one of the local girl scout troupes. That is almost 700 items donated this year. Now to start on next year.


  1. wow! do you purchase all your own supplies/yarn? I would be broke. LOL. I tried to get project linus to give me a few skeins of yarn so I could make blankets for them and they said they don't have any :(

    1. Thank you and yes we buy all our yarn. Sometimes I get lucky and get some at yard sales.

  2. Wow! thats awesome! i make for my local hosps

  3. When I get money for shipping I will send you some baby blankets to donate with your stash ok? :)

  4. Yes, that would be ok, but I would rather you donated to your local hospital and not have to pay shipping charges. I used to belong to God's Tiny Angels but the shipping charges were killing me so now I just donate locally.