Monday, November 30, 2009

Many colored afghan from magic ball

This is an afghan I am working on with scrap yarn that I have tied together to make a "magic ball" of yarn. I was going to donate it but daughter wants it herself. I will start a new one when this one is finished.


  1. It is so colorful. I imagine that there are lots of different types of yarn included in it. What a great way to use up those just not enough bits of yarn.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for magic yarn ball examples. Currently, I have a few pounds worth of these scrap yarn balls and I've been trying to figure out how they would look (give or take). What pattern are you using?


  3. How do you disguise the knots? I want to do this but I'm not sure if I want the knots visible or not...