Saturday, November 14, 2009

Neck Warmers and Scarves

I loom knitted 10 neck warmers and crocheted 2 scarves for the Bridge and Beyond Project. I will ship them with a box of Frank's hats next week. Anything to help keep people warm this winter.


  1. More beautiful and warm items! The loom neck warmers are a neat idea! How in the world did you do them? Are they using 2 strands of yarn too, like the hats? Just wonderful!

  2. I make the neck warmers like the brim on the hats, Just loom knit 14 inches, bring up the bottom, loop over the pegs, use long tail and needle to thread through the loops while on the loom, then knit off and tie ends together without pulling tight. I put the seam in the middle inside the neck warmer.

  3. They are fabulous and more! My daughter was here yesterday when your wonderful box of goodies arrived. She thought you neck warmers could be used 2 ways....a nice warm headband that covers ears well as well as neck warmer/gator. How cool is that.

    In fact, she loved them and asked me to make her a couple for headbands. Said it would be good as it wouldn't mess up her hair when outdoors at recess. She's a teacher. Tell me which size loom you used and how many rows. Please and thanks.

    Happy Thanksgiving