Friday, April 9, 2010

Magic Ball Afghan finelly finished!

I finally finished this afghan made from a magic ball of yarn. I started it last fall. I was going to donate it, but dear daughter decided she wanted it and she wanted it 72" long. I have been working on it Tuesday and Wednesday nights while watching American Idol, the only tv show I watch every week. I will be starting another afghan soon as I have several magic balls to use up.


  1. Nice! It is great to end up with such a beautiful afghan and using up the scrap yarn at the same time.

  2. OMG I just found your blog. You and Frank are awesome. I love all your blankets. Where can I get the patterns, especially the round ripple?

  3. The round ripple is from Mary Maxim. Some of the patterns can be found on Gods Tiny Angels web site.

  4. I love this concept of using Magic Balls to crochet afghans.

    Your opinion please. I (as we all tend to do) am always picking up a "skein" of yarn here and there. Currently if I see a "new" color in Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream that I don't have I will pick up 3 skeins. Now I have to baskets full. (I got a little out of control. I was thinking of using them for this purpose. What do you think?