Monday, April 19, 2010

X's and O's Baby Blanket

I finished up this X and O mint green baby blanket last night. I struggled for 3 days to graft the x and 0 design, then frogged and refrogged many times before getting it to come out like I wanted. I have not written the pattern yet. Frank and Marie think I should sell it on Ebay to make money to buy more yarn. I know I put a lot of work into this one.


  1. beautiful!! I am sure it would sell :-)

  2. Your blanket is wonderful. Great design, you should sell it, I bet there will be a lot of buyers.

  3. It's beautiful, both the color and the design. I don't know how you'd do with selling the pattern. I've seen one quite similar and thought I'd mention it before you put lots of additional work into it. But, if you do, best of luck and sing out. I'd like one.

    You do such beautiful work.

    Bridge and Beyond

    Special hi to Frank too!

  4. If you belong to Ravelry you can sell it there. I just put 2 of my patterns there and have sold 3 copies so far.

  5. I have a puff stitch version for sale on my Etsy, but haven't sold any. Been up about a month. I have an actual afghan also. Lot of views, but no sales. Love yours. Very pretty.