Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Cuddle Sacks with Matching Hats

Here are my latest cuddle sacks with matching hats. The nurses at my local hospital said they really like my cuddle sacks and will take all I can make. So I am on the look out for new patterns and color combinations.


  1. Are the babies arms down inside? Was wondering if this keeps them from being able to suck their thumbs or there's enough movement room to do that inside? Cute idea! Been wondering how you and Lucious Loomer are, haven't seen your visit in ages.

    Visiting all Bridge and Beyond Donors...the season is upon us, asking all to gear up with their yarn to help those in need. Visits and comments to the blog have been down which hurts our placement. So, also asking everyone to visit, leave a comment, let us know you're there, and that you're with us.

  2. What pattern did you use to make the four color cuddle sack? It is so pretty!