Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween Hats

Here are 46 hats for Halloween that will be donated to God's Tiny Angels. Frank loom knitted most of them, but I crocheted a few and crocheted 2 pair of booties.


  1. God Bless Frank! He does such a great job with his hats!

  2. Great Job!! Those are very cute..I am interested in a simple (no ripple pattern) for the sleep sacks do you have one I would love to whip up some preemie ones to donate with the hats I have made. I enjoy simple patterns using (SC/DC/HDC) I am still new to crochet I have attached my blog so you can see a few things I have made recently..Thanks for your help w/ a pattern...

    1. Here is a shell stitch preemie sleep sack that is easy to crochet.

  3. So adorable - the hats and the baby sleep sack from yesterday!

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